At last… The Shocking Truth about why most relationships are DOOMED to fail even before they get started!

Why We Pick The Mates We Do

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English Softcover

Why We Pick The Mates We Do is a 252 page book written by Anne Teachworth. It contains a step-by-step program to discover your hidden Inner Couple Programming.

It shows how to improve the relationship you are already in, or if you are already single, how to select a better partner for your next relationship. The book includes the complete Selection Test and effective reimprinting exercises for you to do alone or with your partner… You’ll love the homework!


Anne Teachworth

Anne Teachworth
Director of the Gestalt Institute of New Orleans/New York and author of Why We Pick The Mates We Do

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This is what Paul McKenna has to say about "Why We Pick The Mates We Do".

“I have long suspected that the traditional psychological view that our adult lives are spent trying to compensate for the unmet needs of our childhood, is only part of the picture. I believe Anne Teachworth’s work is important, because she has discovered some of the missing parts. Through her excellent book, you can too. Not only will you find it fascinating, but life changing.”

Paul McKenna, Ph.D, London, UK
Author of How to Mend a Broken Heart and several other books

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Why We Pick The Mates We Do
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